Department of Feasibility Studies and Financial Analysis

This department is concerned with the following:

  • Preparing the economical and marketing feasibility studies for new and existing projects according to the latest state – of – the – art and the most recent actual statistics for each activity and from the approved sources.
  • Performing the comparative analytical studies for all activities.
  • Assisting clients to take the decision whether to commence or expand the project or not.
  • Find the alternatives available for the client to select from and the possible investment proposals.
  • Provide assistance to perform the basic and supplementary technical studies for every activity.
  • Perform the financial health of a company through analyzing the financial indicators and measuring the financial rates.
  • Evaluate the companies (market evaluation – book evaluation) to calculate the actual value of the company’s shares and the actual capital invested in the company and have the same approved by the concerned authorities in Egypt.
  • Approve the evaluation study (market evaluation – book evaluation) along with taking all procedures to have the evaluation approved by the Egyptian Public Authority for Capital Market and the General Authority for Investment.
  • Prepare studies, researches, seminars and training.